Following the latest developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Basketball Champions League Board has approved a change of format for the 2020-21 Qualification Rounds.

In order to protect the health and guarantee the safety of players, coaches and officials, but also to safeguard a fair competition, and to properly organize game operations, the decision has been taken to modify the competition system from home-away games, to a tournament format, with single games for each Qualification Round.

Four (4) tournaments will take place, each consisting of two (2) Semi-Final games and of one (1) Final game, where the Semi-Finals will be played as the BCL Qualification Round 1 and the Final as the BCL Qualification Round 2. These Qualification tournaments will take place in two different locations:

  • Group A and B: Nicosia (Cyprus) - Tassos Papadopoulos Eleftheria Indoor Hall

  • Group C and D: Botevgrad (Bulgaria) - Arena Botevgrad

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