The Board of Directors of the Greek League (HEBA) took, in the meeting held yesterday, the following unanimous decisions:

* To propose the restructuring of the championship as soon as next season with the participation of 16 teams, the non-relegation of the teams occupying the 13th and 14th positions of the standings this season, and relegate 4 teams at the end of the 2019-20 championship.

Restructuring will not affect the demotion of clubs for the reasons stated in Articles 5 and 32 of the Special Proclamation in the Championship Regulation, namely for not participating in championship games by their fault or expulsion as provided for in the above provisions.

* Validate the regular season of the Betshop Basket League and start the playoffs next Saturday.

* Return to the central TV rights management regime and authorize the task group to form the final action plan for the 2019-20 season.

* Agree on the fact that changes should be made to refereeing after consultation with the Hellenic Basketball Federation.

* Also, the disciplinary framework for misdemeanors, including those committed by club owners, and all those involved in the championship should be tightened.

* Finally, it was agreed to create a road map after owners' meetings on the structural changes affecting all aspects of professional basketball, to be voted after the end of this year's Championship.

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