ULEB’s purpose is to co-ordinately work with the respective national Federations, focusing our effort in those subjects directly related to the circumstances and the problems arising from professional basketball. In our opinion, the national championships are the mainstays that support the wide structure of basketball all over the European continent, and we whish to contribute with our task and experience to the development of our sport’s future.

Once the foundations of the Union of European Basketball Leagues made firm, ULEB has taken steps including new Leagues, and some other countries could join in the future. We are convinced that our contribution could be greater, as long as the ULEB assembles more members. Therefore, we deem we are in a decisive moment of our project. Despite the disparity of situations, the truth is that the sport of basketball gathers a high number of circumstances that are common to the majority of countries; therefore, the assembling of the different initiatives constitute a potential from which we should take advantage of. 

ULEB is able to develop its contribution in some specific subjects: on one side, the need to promote the spectacle, and on the other side, the coordination of schedules between the different type of basketball competitions, by sending proposals to both FIBA and Euroleague. Said proposals could be evaluated by the organization empowered to decide on international basketball. Besides that, our will is that ULEB could act as the promoter of ideas to debate, necessary in order to the evolution and development of this common project: European Basketball.