ULEB, the association of the 11 major European Basketball Leagues, has recently signed a joint defense agreement with FIBA, officially joining the complaint to the European Commission launched in 2016 by FIBA versus ECA, the organizer of Euroleague and Eurocup international club competitions, for its anti-competitive behaviour and abusing a dominant position in the market of European club competitions  

ULEB President Tomas Van Den Spiegel: "Together with the member leagues, we are working hard to protect the sporting principles of the game, both domestically and in international club competitions and we will continue to do so. We believe that all of our clubs must be able to compete at the highest level and we want to keep the dream of international basketball alive for every club at every level. Considering the way ECA decisions have impacted the calendar over the past years and the randomness of ECA’s access system for its competitions we all felt the need to undertake action to defend our rights.  That is why ULEB has officially joined the complaint to the European Commission launched by FIBA versus ECA for its anti-competitive behaviour. We are convinced this is an important step towards safeguarding the European sporting model in basketball and we are looking forward to explain to the European Commission how ECA is harming European basketball at both a domestic and international level .

About ULEB:

ULEB, the association of the European Basketball Leagues, was founded in 1992 and aims to develop and to defend the rights of the European domestic leagues and their clubs.  ULEB members today include ACB (Spain), LNB (France), BBL (Germany), HEBA (Greece), PBL (Belgium), PLK (Poland), DBL (Netherlands), Legabasket (Italy), VTB United League, LKL (Lithuania), BSL (Israel).  ULEB is currently minority shareholder of both ECA and of Basketball Champions League SA