ULEB regrets to hear the news of death of Jean Bayle-Lespiteau, Founding President of LNB and co-founder of ULEB, who passed away
at the age of 91 years old.
Jean Bayle-Lespitau, a native of Pau and Béarn, became president of the professional basketball in 1987, at the head of what was then the new Committee of High Level Clubs (CCHN), which was responsible for organizing the French pro basketball championship under a delegation of power granted by the FFBB. In 1990, this entity became the National Basketball League (LNB), of which he was president until 1999.
In 1991, he was one of the co-founders of ULEB with the Spanish and Italian leagues in order to defend the interests of European professional basketball to the international and political authorities.

ULEB wishes to express its condolences to Mr. Lespiteau's family and friends.

Source: L'Equipe

Photo: L'Equipe