The Union of European Basketball Leagues (ULEB) is delighted to announce the election of its new Executive Committee during the ULEB General Assembly held in Brussels on September 20th.

Four esteemed member leagues have been elected to the ULEB Executive Committee marking a significant moment in the organization’s continued efforts to promote European basketball:

  • Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) – Italy
  • Basketball Super League (BSL) – Israel
  • Hellenic Basketball Association (HEBA) – Greece
  • BeNeLeague Basketball – Belgium and the Netherlands

These newly elected members, along with ULEB President Tomas Van Den Spiegel, will work closely together to guide ULEB’s initiatives in the future.

During the General Assembly, ULEB member leagues engaged in constructive discussions about the challenges and opportunities for the upcoming season in European domestic league basketball and the European basketball landscape in general.

Tomas Van Den Spiegel, ULEB President: “I would like to thank all member leagues for their active participation in the General Assembly. The newly elected Executive Committee members reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of European basketball as we look ahead to another exciting season. ULEB will be looking to continue to play its role in the European basketball landscape of trying to ensure sustainable growth and enhancing the overall quality of the game of basketball while working closely with other stakeholders and governing bodies”.